Abigail Hohenstreet

Role: Resource Manager & Facilitator

For the last decade, I’ve devoted my time, energy, and academic life to the questions addressed in our course.  As a skeptic for the majority of my life, though enveloped and informed in religious communities, my journey consisted of investigation of comparative literature, international relations, and cognitive science.  For the last five years, as a Christian apologist, social worker, and crisis counselor, I’ve engaged with people from all walks of life and over a dozen countries in order to focus on exploring our shared human tendency toward: (1) metaphysical inquiry; (2) yearning for “justice”; and (3) striving for flourishing, meaningful lives amidst a complex and beautifully broken world.  Currently, I’m pursuing becoming a peacemaker in diplomacy, especially because I believe that theology and philosophy deeply impacts all of our views regarding international law and public policy.