David Kurz

Role: Science Content Director/Facilitator

For the last seven years of my life, I have been intensely interested in exploring truth. As a scientist, I am keenly aware of the beauty of discovering true things about the physical world through rational inquiry, as well as the power of applying scientific findings for societal good. As a person of faith, I have also found there to be great meaning and purpose in the knowledge and application of truths in the spiritual, moral, and relational realms of the world. These dual pursuits of rationality and faith (often complementary, mutually enriching, and – indeed – inseparable), have continually challenged and intrigued me, and I am eager to learn new, more fully-fleshed out frameworks for their integration. I am excited to participate as a facilitator in the Faith & Reasons DeCal, and look forward to learning and growing alongside the other facilitators, speakers, and students.