Diana Lutfi

Role: Lead Facilitator

My journey of inquiry to truth started at birth: I was born to multi-religious parents. My father is Muslim and my mother is a Christian. My father was more of a fanatic than my mom when it comes to religion and because of the inevitable conflict, they separated and my mom actually did flee to the US for religious freedom. Conflicting worldviews have always been the primary topic heavily contested after in my family. There are so many things in the world I cannot ever come to explain but this what shapes my utmost sympathies to the struggles of individuals who are earnestly yearning and seeking after what is real or what is truth. Yet, just like anything else in this world, seeking after it can be so damn convoluted, I wanted to enforce a space by which there could be a reasonable means of actually inquiring about answers. This is not to say that I myself, am not biased at a perspective but how I got there and how I am formidably willing to put it up for grabs to have another perspective convince my faith otherwise, is what I believe to be the only way TRUTH can be ratified and thus known and found. I am a philosophy geek even though I currently am not a major. I think that the employed philosophical method of sound argumentation or having sound “proofs” is perhaps the best way of a constructing a worldview based on reasonability. Faith is required for everything (read Hume’s method of doubt to try to contradict such statement I’ve made), so it’s only logical to place it in the most feasible explanation of life.
I am currently a Christian. Some of the deeper questions I am still grappling with pertains to issues concerning justice and goodness being tainted – particularly when it comes to the issues of child abuse and obedience/conformity – the wrong portrayals of love and people using biblical evidence to justify them.